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Luzmelt Fan Community
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A community for anyone who is a fan of the band Luzmelt.

Welcome to luzmeltfans, a community for fans of the band Luzmelt.

Luzmelt (ラズメルト) formed in 2009 and was signed to ADDICT-STYLE, a sub-label of Starwave Records (a visual label started by Kiwamu of GPKISM, ex-BLOOD). The name comes from the Spanish word for light "luz" and the English word "melt". They released two mini-albums "swallowed scenery" and "Luz-destination", followed by a maxi-single titled "sacrifice" (with their first PV) and 3-month consecutive single releases. The band visited the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Zig (bass) and Miu (drums) left Luzmelt in May 2010. After that, the band had support members for bass and drums. Asuka (guitar) stepped down in August 2010 because of family concerns. Shortly following, 暢-Nov- (ex-Gilltia, known as Nobu) who had been support officially joined the band as bassist. Guitarist Reyto joined the band in May 2011.

In January of 2012 the band announced that they would be disbanding. Since then, Kaie has joined VelBet and the other members have been participating in session bands.

Luzmelt releases can be purchased from HearJapan, CDJapan, and the DL/Starwave official online shop.

+ Band Members +

Vocal: Yuhma (blog) (twitter)
Guitar: Kaie (blog) → Now in VelBet (blog) (twitter)
Guitar: Reyto (blog)
Bass: 暢-Nov-
(blog) (twitter)

Former Members:
Zig (bass)
Miu (drums)
Asuka (guitar)

+ Discography +

[2010/2/24] swallowed scenery (mini album)
[2010/3/24] Luz-destination (mini album)
[2010/5/26] sacrifice (maxi single)
[2010/7/14] Lunartail (live distributed single)
[2010/10/20] guilty garden (maxi single)
[2010/11/17] imitation galaxy (maxi single)
[2010/12/22] oracion (maxi single)

+ Community Rules +

+ Anyone can join.
+ Posts should be focused on Luzmelt.
+ Keep posts with downloads (mp3s/videos/scans) friends locked.
+ Please do not post advertisements for RPs or unrelated communities.
+ Selling posts are ok as long as something related to Luzmelt is being sold.
+ Be respectful to band members, community members, and moderators.
+ If you have any concerns regarding the community, contact asagi.
+ Have fun!


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